Sent Martin Island of Bangladesh

Sent Martin is the Earth Heaven of the world which is situated in Bangladesh. It is the best tourist spot of Bangladesh. Where Sea, Green Earth and Blue Water are made an wonderful combination, its beauty is not describable. I am proud to born in Bangladesh. It is the Dream Heaven of the world.

Moheskhali Island

Moheskhali is the wonderful Tourism Spot of Bangladesh. It is 6km far from North-West of Cox's Bazar. You can go here by walking. You will be charm to see many small green Hill. All Tourists are attracted by Moheskhali Island. You will also charm to see Adinath of Shiv Mondir named Shiva. You can see a pleasantly peaceful place Garden beside the Shiva. I love my Bangladesh. All tourist will love my country; it is the best tourist spot of Bangladesh.

Coxs Bazar

The best tourist area of Bangladesh is CoxsBazar, This is the largest Sea land of the World, The another wonderful tourist place of Bangladesh is Sundharban, the natural Mother has made it by her own hand. The beauty of CoxsBazar and Sundharban is not describable. The Royal Bengle Tiger is the National Animal of Bangladesh, who is live in the earnth heaven Sundharban.